Rules of the gym

  • Each student declares to accept the club rules.
  • Each student declares to accept the insurance policy of the VVA. This policy can be downloaded on this site and on site of The numbers are LO 1.115.505 and BA 1.115.506.
  • The insurance of the student must be valid before starting the lessons.
  • The subscription must be payed before starting the lessons.
  • If a student stops training without reason or without permission of the trainer, the subscription keeps running without repayment.
  • It is forbidden to train without insurance or invalid subscription.
  • The entry/registration of a new member can be refused without a reason.
  • The student declares not to abuse the techniques, under penalty of immediate elimination.
  • If a student makes a criminal fact such as sexual facts ,assault and battery , drugs ec... he/she will be immediately eliminated from the gym.
  • Each student declares to renounce all rights to set up a damage claim against Topfighter or the trainer in duty or lost of material or clothes left behind.
  • It is not allowed to leave equipment to dry after training.
  • It is not allowed to bring own drinks into the dojo.
  • Allowed drinks are placed into the proposed place.
  • Leave to dojo immediately after training and leave no garbage behind.
  • In case of competitions such as MMA,Muay Thai,Pancrase, BJJ,Grappling, Cage Fight will be done under the name of Topfighter.
  • Show respect to all people, political and racial matters are not allowed.
  • Take care of using the material of the gym.
  • To train with the Fight Team, you must have permission of the headcoach.
  • The trainer is always right.

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