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Hello, my name is Rogmans Benny, 48 years and living in Dessel. I started at age of ten with judo under Jef Meynaerts at a local club in Herselt until nineteen years old.

Then I went at the army to the green/red barets. During my carreer I did a course for close combat instructor wich is one of the heaviest courses of the barets.

I was stationed at 1 BN Para at Diest untill 2011.When 1 Para was abolished, I was stationed at 3 Para at Tielen , where I am Headinstructor close combat now.

Looking for a good judo school , I came out at SAMURAI Eindhout owned by the family Pauwels. They are very well know in the judo world with much champions . Rene Pauwels started this club in 1979 and become 2nd dan in judo.

His sons, Herman ( 5nd dan), Karl ( 2nd dan ), Rony ( 5nd Dan) all became Belgium champs and won al lot of international tournaments. Here I found what I was looking for, fighting spirit and many sparringpartners.

In 1996 I heard of a man called LEON VAN DIJK , he proved to be a very good pancrase fighter and sparringpartner of BAS RUTTEN.

I was thinking PANCRASE??? What the hell is that? So I went for training with Leon... this was the revelation for me !!!! This guy was 220.5 lbs pure dynamite and steel , I couldn't believe it... At the sparring session I got really beat up and had to tap out every ten seconds... There I stood with my big luggage of experience but it seems to be not enough against this machine because we trained without kimono and he did some submissions I never saw before... He was nr 4 of the world ranking at that time...

Mentally frustrated I drove home after this first training but it had such impact that it was my drive to continue..Leon trained me for many years so I became a good all round fighter and he is still one of my best buddy's .

In 1999 I was in Bosnia for a military operation where I got a telephone if I wanted to fight in Moskou... Mmmm, that's going te be nice... I agreed ...Few moments later I got another phone that the fight was in a octagon without too many rules ... Bare knuckles, headbutts... all allowed ...

Still I took the challenge and Leon gave me a Spartan preparation and a great experience .This was at Absolute Fighting Championships VII.

At another military operation in Kosovo I had an invitation to fight a vale tudo against the close combat instructor of the foreign legion . This guy was really strong but I won within 2 minutes with a guillotine .

Later that year I had an fight against Daan Kooiman of Team Schreiber, a tough guy of Bob Schreiber, a well know fighter all over the world.It was the first time that it was allowed in Belgium to fight a MMA fight. I won this fight after three rounds with unanimous decision. This was a very nice introduction of MMA in Belgium.

After many fights I started my own gym in MMA... TEAM TOPFIGHTER was born!

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