Cassie Vercammen

Weight: 61 kg
class: C kl Muay Thai


  • Who are you and how old are you?
  • I'm Cassie Vercammen and I'm 23 years old.
  • What are your hobbies?
  • My greatest hobby and passion is thaiboxing and everything else that comes with it like kettlebelltraining, circuittraining and etc...
  • Tell us something about yourself...
  • Once again I'm Cassie. I have one younger brother and one older sister, my parents are divorced and i live with my mother in Lommel in Belgium I also have a German Sheppard called shadow an my hobby and passion is like i mentioned thaiboxing.
  • How did you get in contact with Topfighter?
  • A friend of me advised me to go train at Team Topfighter so i followed his advice and sent Benny an email and went there for a training after with i was instantly sold!
  • How many times do you train?
  • My job is in 2 different shifts, one week i have the early morning shift and i train 6 days, the other week when i have the late nightshift i can only train once at Team Topfighter but i go running in the morning 3 times a week.
  • What did you find of your first fight and tell us about it...
  • My first fight with Team Topfighter was ok.. Think i had to get used again to the feeling of standing in the ring because it was 5 years ago since i had a fight and with a new coach,I lost the fight by points but the coaching was great! I never ever want somebody else than Benny coaching again!
  • How do you like the gym?
  • Its super! Everybody treats each other with great respect.
  • What about the trainings, and the trainer?
  • The trainings are what trainings should be, technical, heavy and with variation. Benny is a really good trainer that knows how to give a great training, he also knows how to motivate everyone to give everything they have I really have great respect for Benny cause he will do anything for his fighters!!
  • To who do you look up to?
  • Julie Kitchen, i think she's the most complete female thaiboxer there is!
  • Anything else you want to tell the others?
  • Team Topfighter is the best gym, come and check it out!
  • Strength and Honour! Thanks !Ush!

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